GuardHIre is an online marketplace to hire security services on demand. Quickly search, vett, and hire guards online.

GuarHire is free for those seeking to hire guards and is currently free for guards.

Hiring Guards

Hiring guards on GuardHire fast and easy, simply search for Guard companies, or request a quote and hire online fast,

Yes, on the GuardHire platform you can request a quote to compare the best service and price.

On GuardHire security companies set their own prices, additionally the platform is free for those seeking to hire security services.

Yes, if a service is purchased online and obligations are not kept, GuardHire will handle it with our Dispute Resolution Center.

Yes on the GuardHire platform you can hire Active Duty, Retired, and Off Duty Law Enforcement Officers.

GuardHire offers almost any kind of security service available including armed guards.

Firearm types are authorized based on state regulations that govern security services.

If you make an online purchase and there is a dispute, GuardHire Dispute Resolution will research the issue and if valid will conduct a full refund to the service buyer.

Security Companies

GuardHire is free for a limited time to sign up as a guard and list services.

If a payment is processed through GuardHire, GuardHire will conduct a review through our dispute resolution center.

You can offer virtually any guard services on GuardHire.

You must be licensed to conduct security services according to the state regulations you practice security.

Yes, Guards and Security companies can set their own prices on GuardHire.